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A good SEO brings visibility

The priority for Google and other search engines is to present to the Internet user, the page that most accurately responds to his search on the net. To do this, it analyzes your title, your meta description, the content of your page and of course your keywords.

To have a website that is not referenced by Google, is simply to be invisible on the net.

The more you work on the quality of your site's referencing, the more search engines will direct Internet users to it.

Carrying out marketing actions, publishing on social networks, sending emails produce limited results in the long term. Optimizing your referencing allows you to generate automatic and regular traffic to your wordpress site.

A good SEO strategy should be designed in 7 steps:

  • Audit the quality of your site (structure and loading speed of the site)
  • SEO analysis of the site (what are your referenced keywords)
  • Identify its buyer persona, the targets you want to address
  • Identify the research intentions of these targets
  • Translate these research intentions into relevant keywords
  • Create the content that responds to this research and optimize it
  • Develop nelinking (incoming links and internal links)

An optimal natural referencing therefore consists in providing an adequate answer to a question that your target has not yet asked. Offering quality content, well referenced, allows you to develop your authority on the subject.

Technical audit

Autour de l'Image uses Semrush, one of the best SEO tools, to perform a SEO audit of your site and those of your competitors.

We perform SEO optimization by analyzing the number of pages referenced on all pages of your site, the loading time, identify and eliminate duplicated content, develop external links, identify indexing problems of your web pages.

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