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7 steps to set up an effective community management

Community management consists in promoting a brand on social networks, by animating one or more communities. It is part of the company's marketing and communication strategy.

At a time when digital is omnipresent, companies have integrated the fact that a good image on social networks is the sine qua non condition for business development. It is important to promote your brand in social media, and to manage comments and anticipate a possible bad buzz. Community management participates in the digital transformation of the company.

7 steps for a successful community management

  • Define your buyer persona on social networks
  • Identify the most relevant social media (Facebook,, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram...)
  • Set up a thematic watch
  • Feeding an editorial calendar
  • Publish and share with your community
  • Develop commitment to bring communities together
  • Measure the performance of its publications

An essential step in setting up an effective community management is the development of a relevant editorial calendar. It is based on the editorial line and must be consistent with your business. It is important to define the tone of the publications, the central topics, the related topics and the frequency of publication. The calendar can be based on a chestnut tree for the production of content, i.e. recurring topics from one year to the next and can be enriched by posts related to the company's news.

Impact analysis

The editorial calendar should not be fixed. It is essential to analyse the scope of your publications using KPIs, to identify topics that generate engagement and those that do not perform. Social reporting is an essential tool for the successful development of your community.

Monitoring and Curing

Implementing a community management strategy does not consist in talking exclusively about your products or your company, but in providing high value-added information on the themes of your business sector. by sharing quality information with your community. You will thus develop the authority of your brand in its markets.

Monitor your community management

Autour de l'Image uses AgoraPulse to manage its community management actions. This tool allows us to organize our editorial calendar, plan publications on our clients' various social networks, monitor all these networks and, above all, manage interactions with communities. A social reporting tool allows us to measure the impact of our publications and refine our discourse in real time.

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