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We design your company's mascot

Why create a corporate mascot

The mascot enriches the company's visual identity. A small character who has the mission to improve the visibility of the brand, simplify its reading and facilitate speech.

  • Playfully explain a subject that can be complex or demobilizing
  • To illustrate a point for which you do not have an explicit visual
  • Simplify speech to make it intelligible and memorable
  • Strengthen the brand's visual identity
  • Increase awareness
  • Raising awareness on a subject that is difficult to illustrate or to deal with
  • Bringing a brand experience

Corporate mascot

Your profits

At Around the Image, we create characters to support the discourse of our customers. We strive to give our creations a personality in its own right, a lot of humanity and emotion.

How we work

The brief of your need

We support you in the analysis of your need and your goals that must satisfy the creation of your mascot.

Creative research

Based on the specifications that have been validated together, we submit pencils to you to explore the creative avenues. After 1 to 3 round trips, we validate together the creative track that meets your needs.

Finalizing the mascot

The drawing that has been selected is colored in order to give it strength in its expressions. We strive to offer our little heroes a personality in their own right, a lot of humanity and emotion. Depending on the brief the final rendering is made in flat design, 2D or 3D, depending on your wishes.

Making the mascot

For some projects, we are asked to have a human-sized mascot made. The costume is made by one of our partners, in premium quality.

Let's talk about your needs

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