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Corporate Video, the ideal medium to promote your brand

Why make a company video?

The institutional film is the ideal medium to promote the qualities of a product or service. Corporate video is also very effective in positioning itself in a market or training its employees.

The steps to make your corporate video

  • Define the objectives that must be achieved when producing your corporate video (corporate, promotion, training...)
  • What message do you want to convey?
  • Write the synopsis and detail the storyboard
  • Determine the tone and style of your corporate video and the format
  • Sequencing of plans
  • Taking pictures (interviews, cutting plans and general plans)
  • Derushage, assembly of a v0 version
  • Editing, dressing, soundtrack, subtitling, animation of shots
  • Delivery of the film in HD format for large screen broadcasting and in web format for social networks

Your profits

We attach great importance to history. By telling the story of the brand, a product or a team, we make your video captivating.
We humanize your message by favouring plans that put the human being at the centre of your corporate film. Entrepreneurship is a story of men and women.

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