The signature reveals your company's DNA


Slogan, base line, catchphrase... so many expressions that are similar to the company's signature. They underline the visual identity of the company and reinforce its personality. The signature creates the link between the company and its public. A sentence, a verb, a play on words ... its formulation must make you want to enter into a relationship with the company.


The signature carries the vision of the company.


The signature links two universes, the reality of its businesses and markets and its vision of the future. It can be read in two ways, the first in relation to the company itself and the second in relation to its customers.


A synthetic element of the company's vision and philosophy of action, the signature embodies its know-how and values. It becomes a promise, a word that the company commits to follow. In support of the company's other identity elements, the signature conveys the company's culture. It arouses curiosity and interest. It has a role of seduction and memorization. This is why it must be clear, understandable and relevant.


The signature comes in addition to a colour code, a typography, a graphic design... Weighing words, playing with them, shaping them... So many elements that position the company in a universe. By revealing its uniqueness, the signature becomes an essential asset to differentiate itself from others. It is another form of identification that is just as important for the interest and attachment to a company.


The signature participates in the construction of the unconscious image of your company.


Logo and signatures go hand in hand but can exist without each other. The signature underlines the logo, of course, but why attach it only to this role? It can, on its own, characterize a company's identity.


The signature has the advantage of using the verb. It allows the sharing of an experience, a fight that the company wants to lead. Like the logo and the name, it is an element that characterizes the personality of the company. It concentrates in a few words its vision of the world, its ambition, its relationship to the market.


War cry? Why not! The important thing is to share and circulate an idea. "Think different" as Apple calls it. The antithesis of IBM's "Think" signature, Apple has shown its desire and hope to distinguish itself from its main competitor by creating the breakthrough and by being part of the creation of new products and uses. And this is the strength of a signature, making its ambitions and values transpire, going beyond words to bring out a state of mind.


Developing your signature is being honest and inventive.


The research and creation of a signature is a work mixing imagination and reflection. Simple or original, short or all cases the signature must be clear and honest.


The signature plays with words, it shapes them to make them its own. It's a complex job because you have to be creative, credible and objective at the same time. Being a component of the company's visual identity, its development must convey and ensure that its image is respected.


Is there a recipe for creating a good signature?


Around the Image which is at the origin of many signatures for its customers, "Giving meaning", "Nature in beauty", "Driven by innovation", "Eco-responsible urban delivery", "Trans-form and Accompany", "because life is precious", begins its reflection with an understanding of the company's culture and values. On the basis of 4 or 5 main lines, the agency will assemble words into meaningful ideas.


A signature should ideally be 3 to 5 words long. Following a brainstorming session, suggestions will flourish and enrich a whiteboard. A set of proposals will emerge from the brainstorming process.


The creation of a signature, the fruit of letting go


After a first presentation to the client, a few signatures will be refined and only one will be retained. Once deployed and adapted, the company will have to make its new signature its own. Its creation is a process that takes place in several stages. It requires a real interaction between the client and the agency because its realization must correspond to the expectations of the company while being nourished by the creativity and seriousness of the agency.


About the author

Philippe Rigault

Philippe Rigault is the founding President of the agency Autour de l'Image. He assists clients in the development and animation of their communication strategy, combining advice, creativity, mentoring and common sense. Autour de l'Image is a global communication agency that simplifies the life of entrepreneurs. It brings together all the communication and marketing skills needed to develop sales and brand awareness.

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