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My marketing concierge

An outsourced service that I activate when I need it!

My marketing concierge

We offer entrepreneurs and marketers an outsourced service that you activate when you need it!


My marketing concierge combines
expertise, flexibility and control of your marketing costs.

Your marketing concierge in 7 expertises

Marketing strategy
Content Marketing
Social networks
Graphic design
Leads generation

To assist you in planning your global marketing strategy.

  1. Definition of the vision and objectives,
  2. Competitive analysis,
  3. Marketing positioning,
  4. Branded platform.
How does the concierge marketing ofAutour de l'Image

How does it work?

After a first phase ofdiscussion about your needs, we identify the sites on which to work. You contact our team for each of your new needs.


Requests are handled in project mode on our Asana management tool, which you are associated with. You can request our team for an hour, a week or a month, depending on the nature of your project. We accompany you from A to Z.

What are the benefits of the concierge marketing ofAutour de l'Image

For what benefits?

Calling on Autour de l'Image's marketing concierge service is like having a Swiss Army knife in your pocket. You benefit from the services of an expert team, made up of consulting directors, project managers, developers, writers, art directors, graphic designers, 2D animators or videographers for the cost of a single employee.


Your needs do not follow a linear curve, whether in time, level of competence or expertise required. By entrusting your work to our marketing concierge service, you benefit from a skill and expertise adapted to your needs at any given moment. Once the work is completed, the resource costs you nothing.

How much does the marketing concierge service ofAutour de l'Image

At what cost?

Our marketing concierge service offers you two options:


  • Time-based intervention: You entrust us with a project and we bill you for the time actually spent, according to a fixed hourly rate. This formula is adapted to all your needs, whatever the type of resource consumed.


  • Task force package: You have recurring needs, but not always for the same resources. We set up a monthly package that allows you to request any expertise from our team.

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