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A new visual identity for Logsytech

A new visual identity for Logsytech



Presentation of the company

Experts in the supply chain and located in Ile-de-France and Reunion Island, Logsytech has been assisting its customers - partners for over 20 years and meets the complex logistics challenges of marketing, telecoms and e-commerce players.


Presentation of the mission

The Logsytech Group is made up of 6 subsidiaries that work in synergy. The existing visual identity did not reflect this synergy between the subsidiaries and the fact that they belong to the same group. In addition to this lack of unity, the logos lacked modernity and consistency with Logsytech's values.


It was therefore important to harmonise and modernise the whole, through a "facelift". This made it possible to preserve the initial spirit of each logo so as not to completely break with the origins and to be able to unite each entity around the new graphic proposals.


This logo facelift also made it possible to set up a real graphic charter, to define the colours and typography of the Logsytech brand.

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