Supporting Nordtherm in the redesign of its website

Supporting Nordtherm in the redesign of its website



Presentation of the client :

Nordtherm is a human-sized company specialising in HVAC and energy in the Ile de France region. Organised around a design office and a technical team with recognised expertise, Nordtherm is involved in the installation, repair and maintenance of heating/air conditioning and plumbing systems for private individuals, condominiums and professionals in the service sector.


Presentation of the client :

Nordtherm's previous website was outdated, not very functional and no longer represented thecompany's image, so a complete overhaul of the site was necessary.


Nordtherm works with three types of customers: private individuals, condominiums and service industry professionals. As the needs and services associated with each type of customer are not the same, we have designed a main site with three sub-sites dedicated to each customer.


Work on wireframes (functional models) beforehand as well as the validation of graphic models allowed us to specify Nordtherm's expectations and to deliver a functional site with an up-to-date design.


Thanks to a simple and intuitive navigation, each customer can easily go to the site dedicated to him and discover the services, news and expertise that concern him. The contact between Nordtherm and the customer is also simplified since each sub-site benefits from a specific quote form.


The new site also highlights the size of the Nordtherm company, which employs some thirty technicians, and presents the great expertise and qualifications of its teams.


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