Graphic design

Graphic design

An essential element of your visual communication, graphic design is the first impression perceived by your target. It conveys your values and generates emotions that serve your objectives.

A striking visual for your communication media

In an increasingly competitive context, the development of a strong visual identity is essential to stand out from your prospects. Graphic design consists of creating, choosing and using the visual elements that allow you to differentiate yourself: colours, illustrations, photos, pictograms, typography, layout, etc. It is declined on your logo, symbolic representation of your company, as well as on all your communication supports:

  • your stationery: letterheads, business cards, correspondence cards, etc. ;
  • your commercial documentation: presentation leaflets, brochures, leaflets, catalogues, white papers ..;
  • your advertising material: posters, flyers, exhibition and POS kits, etc. ;
  • your internal communication tools: welcome booklet, activity reports, etc.

Graphic design allows you to convey essential information to your audience, such as your positioning and values. The graphic designer uses your graphic charter to develop a coherent visual communication strategy adapted to your target audience.

Graphic design, your brand ambassador

Graphic design is the visual transcription of your brand identity. It is the first point of contact with your audience and is therefore of paramount importance. An essential vehicle for the messages conveyed by your company, " le design is the silent ambassador of your marque ", according to American graphic designer Paul Rand. The use of graphic codes specific to your target audience and your business creates a sense of belonging and unites your community around common interests.

Your prospects and employees can thus find themselves in the values that you defend, and identify with your brand, which encourages commitment and conversion. Graphic elements must be carefully chosen to create emotion and connect with your future or current customers. Aesthetics are also important: a harmonious, clear and simple design inspires confidence and enhances your know-how, your products and your skills.

Your dedicated graphic design studio

The communication agency Autour de l'Image accompanies you on missions of graphic design, punctual or longer term. We position ourselves as your outsourced graphic studio for the creation, the modeling and the execution of your various communication supports:

  • stationery: letterheads, business cards, correspondence cards ;
  • flyers and leaflets ;
  • posters and posters ;
  • brochures, booklets and catalogues ;
  • sales presentations ;
  • welcome booklet ;
  • annual activity report ;
  • signage ;
  • material for trade fairs and professional events: roll-ups, banners, flags, POS kits, stands, totems, advertising furniture, etc.

You benefit from a dedicated team consisting of a project manager and a graphic designer. Responsive and attentive to your needs, they advise you and ensure the graphic design, development and production of your printed materials. You have a perfect visibility on your budget and deadlines.

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