Email and Automation

Email & Automation

Email marketing allows you to generate qualified leads andmaintain customer relationships. Inexpensive, customizable and easily automated with marketing automation tools, it has an excellent return on investment.

Prospecting, developing and retaining your customer portfolio

In addition to a good visibility on search engines and social networks, email marketing remains the best tool to send a personalized message to your prospects and customers. With email, you target a list of contacts, know who was reached, who opened, who clicked and therefore who to prospect in priority to develop your turnover.

Depending on the degree of maturity of the target, you can use different types of email marketing :

  • the cold email aims at cold prospecting with professionals potentially interested in your products or services;
  • the newsletter allows you to share relevant information content with your prospects in order to help them mature their purchase decision in a lead nurturing approach;
  • thecommercial offer encourages your future customer to take action thanks to the presence of call-to-action.

Emailing automation consists in automating the sending of targeted emails triggered throughout the user's progress through the conversion tunnel: welcome message, reminder in case of abandoned shopping cart, etc.

Set up a coherent emailing strategy

Based on the objectives of your marketing strategy, the implementation of an emailing campaign goes through the following steps:

  • installation of a data collection system (via the download of a white paper for example) to enrich your contact base and guarantee the deliverability rate (opt-in and RGPD compliance) ;
  • definition of an editorial line, the target and the type of mail (promotional or transactional);
  • Development of a transactional scenario to chain messages according to the recipient's behaviour and maximize the opening rate;
  • development of an editorial calendar (marketing messages, product information, newsletters, etc.);
  • Production of quality content to optimize click through and conversion rates;
  • analysis of the campaign'simpact and lead scoring.

Efficient and profitable email automation campaigns

To generate and transform more leads while focusing on your core business, you can call on our communication agency. Autour de l'Image takes care of the creation and management of your email marketing campaigns on your behalf.

  • Opening and configuration of a dedicated space on our emailing platform: authentication of your domain and personalization of your mailing addresses, import of your contact base and removal of duplicates, integration of your personalized fields, segmentation of mailing lists, connection to your CRM.
  • Creation of the email: personalised mock-up in accordance with your graphic charter, responsive design (smartphones and tablets), editorial assistance, integration of media (images, video) and redirection links to your website, management of landings pages and forms, production of A/B test splits to validate the most effective message.
  • Sendingpreparation: setting up and personalizing the sender, programming the optimal sending time and day, setting up Saleswings and Google Analytics tracking on the emails sent.
  • Monitoring of the emailing campaign: real-time feedback of generated leads, analysis of statistical indicators (emails delivered, opening and click rates, unsubscriptions, etc.), management of black lists and invalid email addresses.

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