Brand campaign for Alsbom

Brand campaign for Alsbom


Social Media

Presentation of the client

Alsbom is a French company that maintains drainage networks with natural solutions in line with the sustainable development policies of its customers in the commercial property sector.

Description of the mission

Creation of a digital and visual campaign spread over 3 months, from mid-August to mid-November, aimed at promoting Alsbom's professionalism and innovative character.

Built in thirteen episodes, translating thirteen arguments by playing on innuendo, the campaign highlights Alsbom's strengths.

With its humorous and offbeat tone, the campaign aims to capture attention, energise communication and encourage adhesion between the brand and its prospects.

In this campaign, humour is used for its positive impact on message recall and toimprove visibility while standing out in a market known to be rigid.

In order to reinforce the impact of the campaign, each new episode is broadcast on a weekly basis on all of Alsbom's social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. An e-mailling campaign reinforces the engagement, the notoriety, the traffic towards the client's website and its notoriety on the social networks.

Beyond a brand communication, this campaign is an invitation to meet to work together and to make contact easier.


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