Editorial Content & Copywriting

Editorial Content & Copywriting

Quality editorial content helps you increase your visibility on search engines and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Seduce and convince your prospects

Copywriting is the cornerstone of your online communication:

  • pages of your website ;
  • blog posts ;
  • publications on social networks ;
  • e-mailings and newsletters ;
  • product sheets ;
  • and so on


Unlike traditional marketing strategies, content marketing or content marketing aims to provide relevant information to engage and retain your audience. Don't limit yourself to a presentation of your offer: you must provide concrete answers to the problems of your target audience, reassure them and accompany them at every stage of their buying journey.


Through persuasive writing techniques, copywriting consists of producing powerful texts to transform your prospects into customers. Carefully chosen words, call-to-action insertion and storytelling help to improve your conversion rate:

  • subscription to your newsletter or to an event;
  • making contact ;
  • request for quotation ;
  • download a white paper ;
  • purchase of a product or service ;
  • and so on

Be visible on search engines

According to a famous quote from Bill Gates, " content is king ": "Like the customer, content is king. But it is also an excellent ROI (return on investment)! Indeed, the quality of the editorial content is an essential criterion to promote your natural SEO and ultimately develop your sales.

In order to meet the requirements of the ranking algorithms,SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is based on several factors:

  • integration of relevant keywords;
  • semantic richness;
  • HTML markup (title, meta description, subtitles, etc.) ;
  • internal mesh ;
  • and so on

A clear, original, structured anduser experience (UX) oriented content contributes to a better indexing of your pages to appear in the first Google results. The result: a gain in visibility on the web and the generation of qualified organic traffic over the long term.

Our editorial content creation offer

Your industry has its own vocabulary, which is not necessarily that of your readers. A technical notice is not written in the same way as a text that engages and sells! Moreover, SEO requires specific skills and constant monitoring to keep up with regular updates of the Google algorithm. It is therefore in your best interest to entrust your content production to a copywriter.


The agency Autour de l'Image offers writing and copywriting services, in addition to the implementation of your content strategy. Because we navigate between two worlds, yours and that of your clients, we know how to adopt the style and formulations that will hit the mark with your target audience. We popularize your speech in order to make it accessible and convey your ideas using appropriate words. We accompany you in the creation of authentic and striking content to reach your audience, affirm your expertise and convert your prospects into customers.

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