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Corporate video



Corporate video

Corporate video is an effective communication tool to present your business and promote your brand, both externally and internally.



Showcase your company and your values

Video is the most consumed format on social networks and consulted by 80% of executives in their field of activity. Institutional film is therefore an ideal medium for :

  • present your company to your prospects and business partners ;
  • to position yourself in your market;
  • promote the qualities of your products or services ;
  • cover an event: conference, seminar, party, gala, etc.

Thanks to an appropriate scripting, corporate video allows you to show your know-how and to boost your brand image. Focused on people, audiovisual communication arouses emotion and contributes to establishing a close, solid and lasting relationship with your audience.

A key element of your communication strategy, corporate films can be distributed in many different ways:

  • integrated on the home page of your website, it captures the attention of the Internet users and makes them want to continue their visit;
  • shared on your social networks, YouTube channel and video distribution platforms, it improves your natural referencing and reinforces your visibility on web ;
  • presented on your booth at trade shows, it makes the work of sales staff easier and sets you apart from the competition.

This maximizes your chances of reaching your target audience andincreasing your sales.


Develop your employer brand

The corporate video can also be used as an internal and external communication tool to reinforce your HR strategy, especially during your recruitment process. By highlighting your working environment and your professions, you will be able to attract new talent more easily, especially young graduates via social networks.

In addition, the corporate film can be broadcast internally in order to :

  • Federate and build loyalty among your teams;
  • introduce your company to new recruits;
  • train your staff.


How to create a corporate video?

To capture the attention of your target and keep it, opt for a dynamic montage and a short format: no more than a few minutes, beyond which the constantly over-solicited Internet user risks getting bored. The video clip will also be easier to share on social networks.

You can call upon our communication agency for the filming and production of your company videos according to the following steps:

  • definition of the objectives (corporate communication, video presentation, promotion, training, etc.) and the message to be conveyed passer ;
  • determining the tone, style and format of the video ;
  • writing the synopsis and making the storyboard;
  • plansequencing;
  • realization of the shots (interviews, cutting and overall plans) ;
  • de-rushing and assembly of a first version ;
  • editing, graphic design, soundtrack integration (voice-over, music), subtitling, animation of the shots;
  • delivery of the film in HD format for broadcast on a big screen and in web format for your website and social networks.

We strive to tell the story of your brand, your products or your teams according to the principle of storytelling, to make a corporate video capable of captivating your audience. We favour shots focused on your employees in order to highlight them andhumanize your message.


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