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The calculation of thePrivate Security Cost Index is a project launched by the Groupement des Entreprises de Sécurité Privée in 2020. Its aim is to provide the profession with a tool for revaluing service contracts. Historically, only an INSEE index has existed, which is not adapted to the specificities of the security industry, a labor-intensive sector.

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Built on the model of the Syntec index, recognized in the consulting sector, the ICSP index aims to become the benchmark index for the profession, among both human security service providers and principals. The composition of the panel of respondent companies, the tools used to collect the information, the calculation of the index and its publication should not raise any questions. Furthermore, as confidentiality of information is an essential element in the development of the index and its long-term survival, particular care has been taken to ensure that the information communicated is completely watertight.


The index was developed in stages. Initially, several companies were contacted to form the panel. A 24-month history of economic data was then reconstructed. A secure platform was then developed to collect the 2 essential pieces of information: monthly payroll and FTEs. Consistency checks are systematically carried out on the data entered, to ensure that the data collected is accurate.

Panelists have secure access to the platform to submit their data. Each month, messages are sent to those responsible for data entry to update the data. After 3 unanswered messages, an escalation process is triggered on the manager to ensure continuity of information.

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  • The CPSI index has been published monthly since January 2022.
  • It aggregates the consolidated data of 60,000 employees, out of a total of 195,000 in the sector.
  • 87% of panellists are assiduous and provide data on time
  • The ICSP index is used by almost all service providers, and is systematically included in the price revision clause of service contracts.
  • A simulator to calculate the indexation of any contract
  • The mechanics of collecting information and securing it is a benchmark that other trade federations are very interested in setting up in their turn, a sector index.


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