Community Management to develop your sales and your notoriety


Your content marketing strategy is starting to pay off and your social network community is growing. It's time to get to know and manage its needs and expectations in order to build strong links with your ecosystem.


Community Management" is similar to "Conversation Marketing": it consists in managing and developing your communities on your networks, through their animation and moderation. The objective is to offer your subscribers relevant content adapted to their expectations in order to generate reactions, commitment and leads. Managing your community allows you to respond to questions, observations and comments.


Animate to engage


By formalizing your Content Marketing strategy, you have defined the typology of content that interests your targets, the buyer-personalities, and that is likely to arouse their reactions and commitment. Community Management" will complete this strategy by defining on which media and when to post your content in order to maximize your chances of reaching your prospects.


Your Content Marketing strategy has enabled you to define "cold" content that you have planned for the long term. In a highly interactive world, being able to react to content, news related to your industry, is essential. You need to constantly monitor what is happening around you in order to react and offer "hot" content to your subscribers. This ability to react and to link news to your business allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field of activity.


Study, moderate, adapt


Studying the behaviour of your subscribers allows you to animate your social networks with content that elicits their reactions. Mentions, likes, shares, comments, inbox messages..., your community is committed to you, and you need to develop this commitment.


Moderation consists of continuing or relaunching the dialogue initiated by your subscribers through their reactions to your publications. By commenting on your publications, sharing them or contacting you by private messages, your communities initiate a conversation to which you must respond by committing yourself to them. Thank a member who congratulates you for one of your projects, or one of your services through a comment on one of your publications; react to sharing and mentions by liking the publications that mention you and/or commenting on them; respond to private messages in real time...


Moderation is also intended to allow you to control your reputation on social networks. Through regular monitoring of what is being said about you on the web, you are alerted to the positive things being said about you, but also to any dissatisfactions that may be raised. Moderating also means reacting to disagreements from certain members. When someone raises their dissatisfaction, responding with empathy, compassion and a solution to their problem, where possible, allows you to show your ability to listen and take into consideration your customers' remarks. A quality that will bring credit to your speech andassert your authority. However, the web is full of "haters" or "trolls" to whom special attention must be paid. The latter are generally intended to discredit a company's discourse whether they are actually customers or not. It is then necessary to be diplomatic with these profiles, and if their attacks persist, report them or even neutralize them by blacklisting them.


Community Management to develop your sales and your notoriety


Community Management" offers a real benefit in terms of business development for SMEs.


By paying close attention to the reactions and comments of your community, you get to know them and can thus study and anticipate their behaviour. By listening to their complaints, you identify their needs and desires and are able to adapt not only your discourse, but above all your offer to better meet their expectations.


By engaging in conversation, by pursuing a dialogue, you humanize your company and comfort your prospects in the feeling that they are exchanging with a person, a "friend" rather than with an impersonal company. You develop trust and confidence.


Trust that is also earned through transparency. "No one is perfect" must become your credo when dealing with customer dissatisfaction. Rather than hiding it, assume it and demonstrate your ability to consider all the feedback, both positive and negative. Take the time to understand the origin of the complaints and find solutions. This transparency will be appreciated by your contacts and will demonstrate your willingness to continuously improve in order to always satisfy your customers.


While allowing you to manage your e-reputation, community management allows you to be close to the concerns of your prospects and customers and to develop a close relationship. Once this connection is established, your subscribers will be more inclined to engage with you: sharing, comments... and will become relays of your offer. You gain visibility and notoriety among your subscribers and their own social spheres.


Real-time management for long-term benefits


To be effective and relevant, the management of your community must be carried out in real time and adapted to the communication trends of the digital world. You will therefore need to allocate human, budgetary and time resources to it. Trend monitoring, active watch on your company and its market, analysis of prospect behaviour, definition of tone and vocabulary..., "Community Management" requires a real knowledge of digital tools, social media and communication trends in order to guarantee an efficient diffusion of your "Content Marketing".


Integrate "Community Management" into your commercial development


At Autour de l'image, we support you in the management of your community. We deploy a relevant and flexible content management strategy that evolves according to communication trends and the expectations of your prospects. We focus on developing your notoriety, study your market and analyze the behavior of your community to animate and moderate your social profiles in accordance with your vision and values.


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Philippe Rigault

Philippe Rigault is the founding President of the agency Autour de l'Image. He assists clients in the development and animation of their communication strategy, combining advice, creativity, mentoring and common sense. Autour de l'Image is a global communication agency that simplifies the life of entrepreneurs. It brings together all the communication and marketing skills needed to develop sales and brand awareness.

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