Motion design

Motion design

Thanks to their short format and graphic appearance, 2D or 3D motion design video animations are ideal for capturing the attention and engagement of your target audience.

Clarify and popularize your speech

Motion design, also called " motion graphics design ", can be translated as " conception graphics animée ". This type of animation consists of giving movement to graphic elements (shapes, pictograms, illustrations, texts, photos, etc.) to create a video, often relatively short (a few minutes).

2D or 3D motion design animations fit perfectly into your B2B communication strategy. On your website or social networks, they allow you toillustrate complex ideas in a simple and visual way thanks to the almost infinite range of possibilities offered by digital creation:

  • animated diagrams and graphics ;
  • representation of statistics ;
  • animation of a text or formes ;
  • situation in the form of a drawing animé ;
  • and so on

You can thus clarify your processes, develop and humanize your sales pitch to your prospects. The freedom of graphic style allows you to give the animated video the aesthetics and tone adapted to your target. Moreover, motion design does not require any filming equipment and is therefore generally faster and cheaper to produce than an institutional film in real shooting.

Promote sharing on social networks

Motion design allows you to present a short presentation, argument or demonstration in a short format that can develop commitment to your brand. Indeed, video is the most powerful and shared media on the web:

  • Video traffic accounts for 80% of content on the Internet, and its share continues to grow;
  • a video is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google ;
  • social video generates 1200 times more shares than a publication with text and images ;
  • 90% of prospects visit your site after watching a video;
  • 80% of visitors will watch a video, compared to 20% for classic content.

Motion design animations therefore offer all the ingredients to viralize your communication and increase your visibility among your prospects. It's an excellent way to surprise them and modernize your image thanks to new technologies.

Create a 2D or 3D motion design video

Realizing a motion design requires a wide range of skills: graphic design, 3D animation, special effects, video editing, etc. In collaboration with a team of motion designers, we create your 2D or 3D animated film in 7 steps:

  • Step 1: drawing up the brief and specifications (objectives and target to be achieved, message to be conveyed).
  • Step 2: writing the script, a written version of your video that details word for word its content.
  • Step 3: making the storyboard, a sort of comic book that illustrates the different sequences of the video.
  • Step 4: creation of visual elements (pictograms, illustrations, drawings) in accordance with your graphic charter.
  • Step 5: Recording the voice-over based on the script.
  • Step 6: Animation of the graphic shots using specialized software such as After Effects.
  • Step 7: Incorporation of the soundtrack (music, sound effects) in accordance with the images to give rhythm to the animation and captivate your spectators.

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