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More than just a showcase, a B2B website conveys your brand image and values. Well optimized, it is a powerful media to improve your visibility, generate qualified leads and turn them into customers.

An indispensable prospecting and conversion tool

Gone are the days when your website was the virtual extension of your sales brochure. From now on, the creation of a website no longer has the sole objective of presenting your company as well as your products or services. Indeed, the development of new technologies in the professional environment has profoundly changed the habits of your prospects. Less and less receptive to solicitations and intrusive advertising, 70% of B2B buyers use a search engine to find information on their own.


Your B2B site must therefore adapt to these new behaviors in order to :

  • position yourself in the first results of the search engines on the requests relevant to your activity ;
  • generate qualified contacts by providing concrete solutions to the problems of your potential customers;
  • convert your prospects into customers and engage them in a lasting business relationship with your brand.

A B2B site focused on user experience and SEO

An efficient website meets the requirements of your B2B target group and Google. In order to appear prominently in the searches of your prospects, your site must be optimized for natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In addition to technical performance (speed of loading, adaptation to mobile navigation, etc.), high-quality and regularly updated content is essential. The integration of a corporate blog is highly recommended to offer articles with high added value that will captivate your audience and promote your positioning in the results pages.


In order to facilitate the collection and conversion of leads, your website should ideally include call-to-action (CTA) that encourages your visitors to take action: ordering, making contact, subscribing to your newsletter, downloading a white paper, sharing on social networks, etc. You can also build landing pages, alternative landing pages to your home page on which the Internet user arrives after clicking on a link.

How to create a lead-generating B2B website?

You don't have a website yet, or is this one obsolete? Autour de l'Image offers you services for creating or redesigning your B2B website. We rely on the skills of a multidisciplinary team to develop your turnkey WordPress site:

  • Semrush audit of your competitors' sites and your current site;
  • Formalization of the specifications to synthesize the objectives of the project;
  • domain name registration and hosting ;
  • technical and ergonomic description ;
  • graphic design of the site ;
  • development and integration ;
  • online publishing of text, image and videocontent;
  • integration of connected contact forms with your customer relationship management (CRM) software;
  • implementation of a tracking of visits and lead scoring;
  • SEO optimization.


We deliver a scalable B2B website that is easy to manage, optimised for natural referencing and generates qualified leads. Intuitive navigation enhances the user experience (UX) and enhances the value of the published content.

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