Social media & Influence

Social media & Influence

Social networks have become an essential communication channel and are an integral part of your content marketing strategy. They are a powerful lever ofsocial influence to develop your brand image and sales.

Social media at the heart of your digital marketing

A central element of your digital communication strategy, social networks allow you to disseminate your content and values to your target audience for :

  • develop your visibility and notoriety on the internet;
  • generate qualifiedleads;
  • buildcustomer loyalty and a community around your brand.

Social media also have an impact on purchasing decisions. According to a study by the Social Selling Barometer, more than half of B2B decision-makers say they are likely to be influenced by a blog article or social network post when making a purchase.

In the digital age, being present and having a good image on social networks is therefore an essential condition for the development of your business. Community management consists in animating your community and managing comments to promote your brand on social media.

The steps of a successful social media strategy

Internet users are increasingly drowning in the mass of information circulating on the Internet in general and social networks in particular. To capture the attention of your prospects, you must therefore focus on the creation of original and high value-added content. Don't just talk about your products or your brand, but sharequality information with your community to assert your authority in your market.

To ensure effective community management and develop your social influence, you must also implement a number of actions:

  • Define your buyer personas on social networks to know your audience and offer them adapted content;
  • identify the most relevant social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) according to the habits of your cible ;
  • to carry out a monitoring and curation of contents on the topics which interest your prospects ;
  • establish an editorial calendar inline with your activity and your editorial line: tone and frequency of publications, central and related themes, etc. It can be based on a chestnut tree (recurring topics from one year to the next) enriched with posts related to current events on your entreprise ;
  • publish and exchange with your community to develop engagement (clicks, likes, shares, comments, etc.) ;
  • Analyze the reach of your publications using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to identify the posts that generate the most engagement.

Managing your community management and social influence

The animation of one or more communities on social media is a time-consuming and demanding task that you can delegate to our agency. Autour de l'Image uses AgoraPulse to pilot your community management. This social network management solution allows us to :

  • build your editorial calendar;
  • planning your publications ;
  • monitor your various social networks;
  • manage interactions with your community.

Thanks to a social reporting tool, we measure the impact of the actions implemented in order to adjust our social media strategy in real time.

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