Logo and branding

Logo & Branding

Formalized by your logo and graphic charter, your visual identity embodies your brand image and conveys the values of your company.

The reflection of your brand identity

Effective branding is based on a strong visual identity consistent with the spirit of your brand. A successful graphic design expresses your company's activity, values and ambitions through judiciously chosen visual elements: colour palette, shapes and patterns, typography, illustrations, photographs, etc.


Your visual style should capture the essence of your brand to create an emotional connection with your current and future customers. Beyond pure aesthetics, a good graphic identity is one that is recognizable, engaging and remembered. It is not necessarily the one that appeals to the greatest number of people, but the one that attracts the profile of prospects that match your personas. It delivers a clear and readable message that contributes to the marketing positioning of your company.

The graphic elements of your visual identity

The branding block is a simplified and stylized graphic representation that symbolizes your company. It usually consists of the logo or logotype associated with the brand name written in a specific typography. It can also include a slogan or baseline, also known as a brand signature. Applied to your various communication media and products, the professional logo reinforces your brand image.

The graphic charter is a working and reference document for the use of your company's visual identity. Intended for internal and external use (your web designers or printers for example), it is composed of the following elements:

  • the logo and its variations (colours, black and white), its layout on the different supports, the minimum and maximum sizes according to the use;
  • prohibitions related to the use of the logo (distortion of the visual, use of the name without visual, logo without baseline, etc.) ;
  • the rules of placement and declination according to the supports ;
  • typography and fonts allowed ;
  • RGB, CMYK and Pantone colour codes, complemented by complementary colours ;
  • the declination on stationery (letterhead, business and correspondence cards, envelopes, etc.) and communication supports ;
  • the layout of images and graphic elements ;
  • editorial rules.

How to create your logo and graphic charter?

The communication agency Autour de l'Image designs and creates a tailor-made visual identity, meeting your specifications and perfectly adapted to your sector of activity. We ensure the creation or the redesign of your logo, its graphic charter and its declension on all your communication supports. Our work is based on your brand platform according to the following process:

  • We take the brief of your request and send you a summary document for validation.
  • During the creative research phase, our graphic designers will explore different avenues and submit them to you in order to identify your preferences. They listen to your comments and suggestions.
  • Following these proposals, we present you with a short list and invite you to make your choice.
  • At the end of our work, we deliver your logo and its variations. The logo is adapted according to the graphic charter on all your print and web communication media (letters, business cards, website, etc.).
  • Finally, our agency accompanies you in registering your semi-figurative trademark with the INPI and transfers the rights to you for life.

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