Brand Platform

Brand platform

As the foundation of your communication strategy, the brand platform is an essential tool for strengthening your branding and creating a brand identity capable of engaging your customers and employees.

The thread of your brand strategy

The brand platform brings together everything that makes your company unique and strong on a single platform:

  • the vision: what are your long-term goals and ambitions?
  • the mission: what is your reason for being?
  • the promise: what is your added value?
  • values: what philosophy and principles underpin your corporate culture?


It allows you to formalize your brand identity, set the course and guide all your company's communication actions. You can thus build a coherent discourse towards your prospects and customers, and unite your teams around a common project. In addition, the brand platform is a lever to develop your employer brand.

A reference document for coherent communication

The brand platform takes the form of a synthetic document that defines the guidelines of your brand identity:

  • the visual identity: the logo, the graphic charter and the name (if creation of the brand);
  • the brand signature: a summary in a few words of your company's vision and values;
  • brand positioning: your target customers and what differentiates you from your competitors ;
  • the discourse: your editorial line, the tone and nature of the messages you wish to broadcast, in accordance with your brand image ;
  • deployment on your communication media: website, social media, email marketing, sales documentation, etc.

How to build a brand platform?

The creation or overhaul of your brand platform requires in-depth reflection, carried out in consultation with all the company's stakeholders. Our communication agency will support you in this process by providing you with expertise and an objective view.

To develop your brand platform, we apply a four-step methodology:

  1. Documentary phase: we collect information on your company's history, culture, business lines, organisation and internal and external interactions. The objective is to draw up an inventory of your way of communicating and the perception of your target audiences.
  2. Interview phase: to complete our analysis, we carry out a series of individual interviews with you and company representatives: management committee, design office, sales, support functions, production, after-sales service, etc. We do not limit our collection of information to the interview of the manager for the simple reason that he has a very limited perception of his company. By involving your employees, we broaden the spectrum and have a 360° view of your company.
  3. Group workshop phase: these workshops bring together members of your teams at various levels of responsibility to work on your company's vision, mission, ambitions and values. These workshops allow us toestablish the identity prism of your brand. We interact with different audiences using mind maps that aggregate all the topics and ideas put on the table during our workshops.
  4. Restitution phase: our work is delivered to you in a summary document which is presented to the management committee for approval. It must then be shared with all your employees so that the entire company can adopt your brand codes.

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