Marketing Positioning

Marketing positioning

Consistent B2B marketing positioning enhances your brand and your products or services to differentiate you from your competitors to your potential customers.

A match between the offer, the target and the competition

Your marketing or strategic positioning is the result of putting the following three elements into perspective:

  • the offer: What products or services does your company offer? What problems can they solve? What benefits do they bring to the customer?
  • the target market: Who is your offer aimed at? What type of clientele do you wish to reach and what are their expectations?
  • competition: How are the players in your sector of activity positioned? What differentiates you from competing brands?

This analysis is essential in order to propose an offer adapted to the needs of your customers and to identify your competitive advantage: seniority, expertise, know-how, recommendations, customer experience, etc. As an SME, it is in your best interest to adopt a niche positioning in order to quickly become the leader in your field. If your company has several brands, products or services, each of them must have its own positioning through the segmentation of your offer and your markets.

A determining factor in the success of your brand

Good marketing positioning is one of the keys to your company's success. It is what makes you unique and attractive to your customers. You can thus conquer and then retain a maximum number of prospects, and thus develop your turnover.

The choice of your commercial positioning also contributes to the construction of your brand identity. It guides all the actions and decisions you will take as part of your B2B marketing and communication strategy. In particular, it is a determining factor in adjusting the four levers of your marketing mix (4Ps):

  • Price: price of your product or service, possible discounts, terms of payment...
  • Product(product): characteristics, ranges, manufacturer...
  • Communication (promotion): advertising media, media, sales promotion...
  • Distribution (placement): catchment area, distribution channels, etc.

A strong and clear positioning engages your sales teams and ensures a consistent message at the different points of contact for your brand: website, social networks, advertising, trade shows, physical points of sale, etc.

How to define its marketing positioning?

To position your brand effectively, you can rely on the tools used to carry out market research: Porter's matrix and SWOT, analysis of people and competitors, etc.

The agency Autour de l'image helps you to set up an efficient marketing positioning on the long term via :

  • theanalysis of the market, your offer and your current positioning ;
  • the definition and study of your buyer personas (main targets);
  • writing a positioning statement (short sentence that summarizes the strong idea of the positioning approach).

We also support you in the development and implementation of your marketing plan and B2B communication strategy to ensure your positioning is sustainable.

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