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Formalize your brand platform

Why create a brand platform?

The brand platform formalizes the company's identity. It helps define the company's course, its positioning, its discourse and its messages.
  • The vision: What is the course for the years to come?
  • Ambition: What are our goals?
  • The mission: What is our raison d'être?
  • Values: What are the principles on which the company's culture is based
  • The Promise: What is our added value?


  • Visual identity (logo and graphic chart)
  • signature
  • Positioning
  • Speeches and messages
  • Deployment on your communication media

Your profits

  • Formalize your added value
  • Federate your teams around a strong brand
  • Developing a coherent discourse externally

Our development process

Our metodology

Documentary phase

We collect information about the company's history, its culture, its trades, its organization and its interaction with its internal and external audiences. The goal is to take stock of how you communicate and how your target audiences perceive them.

Interview phase

To complete our analysis, we carry out a series of one-on-one interviews with employees involved in the value chain: Manager, Codir, design office, trade, support functions, production, SAV... We do not limit our collection of information to the only interview of the manager for the simple reason that he has a very limited view of his company. By involving employees, we are broadening the spectrum and having a 360-degree view of the company.

Group Workshop Phase

These workshops bring together company representatives at different levels of responsibility to get them to work on the company's Vision, Mission, Ambitions and Values. These workshops allow us to establish the identity prism of your brand. We interact different audiences with heuristic maps that aggregate all the topics and ideas put on the table during our workshops

Restitution phase

Our work is returned to you in a summary document that is submitted for approval in Codir. It must then be shared with the employees so that the entire company takes ownership of your brand's codes. The Brand Platform must unite the company. It allows internal players to appropriate the company's codes and to speak with one voice in the name of the brand.

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