Motion design: an asset for your B2B communication


Popular with Internet users, video has become an essential communication tool for companies. With their short and graphic format, motion design videos are an ideal medium for popularizing complex messages and promoting your values to your target audience. Discover all the advantages of motion design for your B2B communication!

What is motion design?

The English term "motion design" or " motion graphic design " can be translated into French as "animation graphique" or "conception graphique animée". This digital technique consists of putting 2D or 3D graphic elements in motion (drawings, photos, texts, pictograms, diagrams, shapes, etc.) to create an animated work.

A motion design video consists of a series of animated images often accompanied by a soundtrack (music, sound effects, voice-over). This animated film lasts a few minutes and is made by a motion designer.


Why use motion design in your B2B communication?


Motion design animations fit perfectly into your B2B communication strategy. This video format offers many advantages for your company.


Build engagement with your brand


Video content is the most consumed and shared content on the web:


  • Video accounts for 80% of Internet traffic, and this figure is constantly increasing;
  • 85% of Internet users share videos with members of their network;
  • a post with a video is shared 1200 times more than a post with a text and image;
  • a video posted on social media generates interactions with 75% of the people who viewed it.


Motion design animations contribute to improve your visibility, develop your organic traffic and generate leads to increase your notoriety. This new communication format also gives a modern and dynamic image of your company.


Convey strong and impactful messages


By associating image and sound, video favors the viewer's memorization and is an ideal medium to reach your audience in a lasting way. Indeed, according to the theory of "faire-dire" of the French psycho-pedagogue Roger Mucchielli, an individual retains approximately :


  • 10% of what he reads;
  • 20% of what he hears;
  • 30% of what he sees;
  • 50% of what he sees and hears at the same time.


Thanks to the freedom of graphic style that it gives, motion design gives the video an aesthetic and a tone adapted to your target to arouse support. The emotions generated by the narration highlight your story and your values on the principle of storytelling, thus contributing to develop your brand image.


Explain complex ideas simply


"A picture is worth a thousand words", according to the famous saying of the Chinese philosopher Confucius. An explanatory motion design video can illustrate and popularize abstract or technical concepts to make them understandable to the greatest number of people. This fun and educational format presents the functioning of your products or services in a synthetic and visual way. You can thus deliver a clear and understandable message to your customers or prospects.


Meet all your communication needs


Motion design can be adapted to different communication media:


  • in external communication on your website or blog, on your social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube...), integrated in a newsletter, as an advertisement, as a presentation during trade shows...
  • in internal communication to introduce your company to newly hired employees, convey a message to your teams, explain a new process, promote your employer brand, etc.


It is integrated into your company's global strategy, ideally as part of a series of motion design videos.


Eliminate turning constraints


An animated film is generally faster and less expensive to produce than a traditional audiovisual production. Indeed, motion design does not require any filming equipment and allows to free oneself from the logistic constraints inherent to the creation of a corporate video in real shots: search for actors, choice of set, weather conditions if the shooting takes place outdoors, etc. This great freedom also offers more creativity to the motion designer than to the filmmaker.


How to make a motion design video?


The conception of a motion design movie requires many skills: graphic design, 2D/3D animation, video editing, etc. It is therefore advisable to call upon a specialized agency to create a motion design video.


Examples of motion design videos made by the agency


Autour de l'Image has created the following motion design videos:

Our motion design services


The communication agency Autour de l'Image accompanies you in the realization of your animation video in 2D or 3D motion design according to the following process:


  • elaboration of the specifications (objectives, targets, message, tone, etc.) ;
  • writing the script (written document detailing the scenario, the voice-over text and the technical information for each shot);
  • creation of the storyboard and visual elements (illustrations, pictograms...) consistent with your graphic identity and your brand strategy;
  • animation of the design with the help of an adapted software ;
  • voice-over recording;
  • editing of the film with possible integration of additional photos and/or videos;
  • addition of a soundtrack (voice-over, music, sound effects) synchronized with the images.


You benefit from our expertise in communication and the skills of an experienced motion designer integrated into our team.


You want to create a motion design video for your B2B communication? Tell us about your project!


About the author

Philippe Rigault

Philippe Rigault is the founding President of the agency Autour de l'Image. He assists clients in the development and animation of their communication strategy, combining advice, creativity, mentoring and common sense. Autour de l'Image is a global communication agency that simplifies the life of entrepreneurs. It brings together all the communication and marketing skills needed to develop sales and brand awareness.

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