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Discover our methodology and our simple and effective tools to support your sales. Let's put the salesperson back in the center of the game and make sure we give him the right information to sign his sales.


Your website, the cornerstone of your digital marketing


The company's website, especially for an SME, is today the central element of the marketing strategy. It concentrates all the commercial information for prospects and customers.


Most companies today have a website. However, many of them are limited to a presentation of the company, its history, products and services. Unfortunately, this is no longer enough to trigger the act of buying and make a sale.


Your website is a medium in its own right and should be thought of as a real sales machine. It is the keystone of your commercial strategy. This requires an optimization of its architecture and display speed. Think about taking care of the quality of the published content, the referencing on Google and the digital marketing actions you will take to make it known.


A website is no longer a showcase. It is a pre-sales tool that allows you to target and qualify an audience in order to supply your sales representatives with qualified leads. The more your website has been designed with this in mind, the better the results of your sales representatives will be.


61% of B2B buyers start the buying journey with a web search on search engines
A B2B buyer conducts between 65 and 90% of his purchasing decisionsalone.
75% of B2B buyers say that the winning provider's content had a significant impact on their buying decision


The needs of an SME, as we have identified them :


  • Have a high-performance website
  • Highlighting its expertise and successes
  • Provide intuitive navigation that enhances the user experience
  • Be referenced on Google
  • Identify visitors and analyse their visit itineraries
  • Scoring these visitors to identify high-potential prospects
  • Collect new qualified leads
  • Have a simple tool to process requests
  • Managing commercial activity
  • Measure the commercial action and calculate the ROI of these actions


Good business information does not necessarily mean a gas plant! It is preferable to have a simple site, developed under wordpress, which references your content and makes you visible on the net.


Set up a conversion funnel to your wordpress site.


The organization of your digital prospecting must allow you to attract to your site an audience that you will qualify step by step. By using social networks, targeted advertising, your email campaigns and natural referencing, you will engage Internet users in a conversion tunnel.


By offering content, call to action, contact forms, you will gradually qualify these visitors to take them through different stages of suspects, prospects, customers and finally ambassadors.


It doesn't matter what container, as long as he's drunk!

What matters on the internet is not the beauty of your design, but the quality of the content you deliver and the user experience you offer.


Your site must offer a simple and intuitive navigation, be displayed quickly and provide a solution to a problem your visitor encounters. It is also necessary to have a precise idea of the problems that your target audience is facing and therefore to know this target.


Define your buyer persona


When you try to address everyone, you end up not engaging in conversation with anyone! It is therefore essential to define your target, the famous buyer persona.


They correspond to typical profiles of prospects with whom you wish to enter into a business relationship. They each have their own problems, expectations, missions to achieve and objectives to satisfy. Depending on the profiles, you will not deal with the same subjects, you will not use the same tone. Some will be prescribers of your offer, other buyers and still others end users.


It is therefore important to know who you are talking to in order to situate this person in his or her purchasing path and in the decision-making sphere. This will allow you, or not, to close the sale.


Propose quality content


Content marketing is a growth lever for your notoriety and sales. It consists of creating and distributing informative, relevant and high value-added content for your audience.


Content marketing is increasingly being adopted by SMEs. It makes it possible to echo the brand on social networks, gain notoriety and develop sales.


The creation of this content must follow a clearly defined editorial line. Just as it is illusory to want to address the whole world, it is impossible to deal with all subjects. Define the flagship subjects on which you wish to base your authority. Identify the ones that will allow you to figure prominently in google searches. Focus on the ones that will help you build commitment and drive new sales.


Optimize the referencing of your content and your site


You have produced your content for your buyer persona and respond to a problem they are likely to encounter. Now it's time tooptimize the referencing of your content.


Identify the keywords that match the topic you've covered and measure the potential volume of visits they generate on Google. Choose more targeted expressions called long tail rather than overly exclusive keywords.


You will have a better chance of coming out in a good position on Google on an expression that your targets are looking for, than on a keyword that will be more competitive. Remember, we're not trying to capture everyone, but only high-potential prospects.


Promote your content on social networks


A prospect does not become a customer because you have a product or service to sell him, but because you provide a solution to one of his problems!


Publishing quality information on your site is not enough to make it known. It is now necessary to promote it. Broadcast it on your social networks, whether Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram if you have quality visuals.


Sharing on your social networks will allow you toengage your community on the subject you are dealing with. If it interests Internet users, they will be more inclined to share it and make it known to their contacts.


At the same time, think about emailing it to your contact files, whether they are prospects or customers. The links to your article must contain a tracking cookie. It will then allow you to identify the visits of your contacts on your site and to know their customer path.


Deploying lead tracking and lead scoring


Not all visitors to your website are the same. It is therefore important to identify the ones that need your attention and the ones you should not waste time on.


Indicators should allow you to know the number of visits to the site, the pages viewed and the time spent on each of them. The more time your visitor spends on your site and visits different pages, the more he shows interest in your offer. He will not necessarily validate a contact form at the end of his visit. It is therefore important to identify him/her to offer him/her other content and to get him/her to contact you when making a decision.


Finally, each visitor is at a different level of maturity in his or her buying journey. It is essential to offer a digital experience in line with this journey. It is useless to propose an appointment or a purchase offer to an Internet user who is at the exploratory stage. On the other hand, it is important to provide them with information to enable them to build their experience. You will be able to convince them that you have the expertise to provide a solution to the problem they are facing.


As far as we're concerned, we trust Saleswings. This lead storage solution allows us to track visitors, score them and enrich our contact sheets with smart data. Even before we make the first contact with a prospect, we have quality information about their company and their responsibilities.


Optimize your site for conversion


Many websites simply offer a contact page or even an email or phone number, thinking that the visitor will take the initiative to contact them. A buyer is hyper solicited on the net. If you don't make it easy to get in touch with your sales representatives, you reduce your chances of generating qualified leads and therefore of closing the sale.


A well-constructed site must therefore offer call to action and contact forms to initiate the relationship. These forms must be concise and collect a limited amount of information so as not to put off your prospect. And of course, the form must be connected to your CRM to create a lead that your sales team will seek to transform.


Consolidate the data collected in a CRM


Depending on the traffic on your site and the amount of information you will collect, it will be necessary to centralize this information in a CRM. It allows you tokeep a history of your relationship with each of your contacts and to determine when it is appropriate for your sales representatives to initiate the commercial relationship.


At Autour de l'Image, we work with Pipedrive. It is the simplest and most effective solution we have tested among all our research. It is also the CRM that we deploy for our clients.


An efficient CRM should enable you to satisfy the following points:

  • A simple and intuitive solution
  • No loss of time in data entry
  • A pipeline driven by activity
  • Clear visualization of opportunities
  • A sales support tool
  • A connected platform
  • A complete follow-up of the relationship
  • Contact sheets / opportunities powered by your activity
  • Full history of the relationship
  • Planning of future activities
  • Re-launching dormant prospects
  • Relevant dashboards
  • Clear visibility on your business


Optimize the referencing of your b2b site


Your website is regularly crawled by Google. By visiting your site, search engines index your pages and content. It is therefore essential tooptimize the referencing of your publications and to take care in the choice of your keywords. The expressions that generated traffic yesterday are not the ones that will bring you visitors in the coming weeks. Regularly audit your positions on Google and refine your choice of keywords.


For each of the sites we manage, we have set up a tracking system on Semrush, associated with the Google Search console and Google analytics. This analysis allows us to know the average positioning of pages on Google, the keywords that give results. Our analysis allows us to identify those used by competitors to possibly implement them in our turn. The referencing of a site is alive and must be the subject of regular attention.


Our tools allow us toidentify malfunctions on the site, pages in error, dead links, backlinks. We identify the referring sites on which it should not appear any more, because they are judged "toxic" by Google. The whole of this analysis allows us to maintain the performance of a site.


Ensure regular maintenance of your wordpress site


Too many companies simply put a site online, without ever changing its architecture or functionality. It is cheaper to make regular adjustments and updates than to rebuild a site from scratch. Moreover, technology evolves very quickly, a 5 year old site will be obsolete and will no longer offer the expected performance.


Your site must be kept up to date at all times. Especially if it is developed under WordPress. It is important to add new features that will enhance the user experience. Install machine translation plugins such as Weglot or tools to optimize your SEO with Yoast. But adding also means deleting. A tool that was relevant 2 years ago is probably not relevant today.


Finally, the development of digital marketing has also brought its share of ill-intentioned people. Think about making security updates to protect yourself from malicious acts that could take your data hostage with Ransomware. If your data is valuable to your business, it's also valuable to people who want to make money at your expense. Secure your hosting and make regular backups of your databases.


About the author

Philippe Rigault

Philippe Rigault is the founding President of the agency Autour de l'Image. He assists clients in the development and animation of their communication strategy, combining advice, creativity, mentoring and common sense. Autour de l'Image is a global communication agency that simplifies the life of entrepreneurs. It brings together all the communication and marketing skills needed to develop sales and brand awareness.

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