Motion design animation, for, crisis and disaster management

Chaos serious game

Motion design animation

Presentation of the client

Autour de l'Image accompanied Chaos, a serious game for crisis and disaster management developed by Medicalem, in the production of an animated film to present the tool, its functioning, its possibilities and its capacity for evolution and customization.

Medicalem is a French company specialized in the sale of mannequins and medical devices for educational simulation.

a major player in medical simulation, specializing in emergency and crisis situations

Medicalem, leader in medical simulation, has developed a serious game for crisis and disaster management: CHAOS.


The challenge of this project was, first of all, to make CHAOS known to the target audience: health professionals, SDIS personnel, members of the security forces, representatives of the state and communities as well as any service that could play a role in critical situations.

Secondly, the challenge of this project was toillustrate the functioning and the technicality of the serious game in a visual, playful and educational way in order to project the potential players in the heart of their daily interventions.

Finally, in announcing CHAOS as THE solution to enable large-scale, cost-effective training of response forces, the ultimate challenge was to supportthe process of making contact and demonstrating the tool.


The choice of "video" content for the CHAOS solution was motivated by theappetite of Internet users and thecommitment of target audiences to this type of dynamic and entertaining content.

The realization of this 2D animation film was first initiated by a work of scenario and writing of the script with the creation of characters and a context of crisis before validation of the storyboard by the customer.

In terms of design, the codes of the anime synchronized with a uniqueness in terms of understanding and technical details, allowed to accentuate the role-playing, and the immersive, cooperative and evolving character, just like: artificialintelligence, virtual reality and 3D.

As for the audio, the recording of a voice-over allowed to activate an additional meaning and to reinforce the understanding. As well as subtitling, to allow the viewer to watch the film wherever they are, with or without sound.

Finally, the final editing was approved by the use of animation techniques such as zooming to consolidate the links between the chaining of technical elements and the crisis scenario.


Two months after the video was posted on Youtube and Vimeo, as well as shared on social networks and distributed via targeted e-mail campaigns:

  1. The film was shared on social networks and seen by thousands of users.

  2. The film was shown at the 128th National Congress of French Fire Fighters and was followed by demonstrations in many institutes.

  3. The film was sent to the Ministry of the Interior to present the CHAOS solution for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games (JOP), and the Minister expressed his interest in a reply letter.

  4. More than 800 people have already been trained at the Dijon University Hospital

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