New visual identity for the Groupement des Entreprises de Sécurité

New visual identity for the Groupement des Entreprises de Sécurité

Grouping of Security Companies


Presentation of the company

The Groupement des Entreprises de Sécurité (GES) is France's leading professional union of prevention and security companies, with a representativeness of more than 83%.


Presentation of the mission

This logo is defined as balanced, legible and pure. Its overall geometric shape gives it rigour and rationality. The legibility is explicit: indeed, the object of the GES (a grouping, thus a professional organization) and its field of intervention (private security) are directly visible and mentioned.

The flagship character of the logo is the corporate "E": elliptical, through its top bar, it symbolizes openness, agility, fluidity. The "E" is the symbol of energy (E=MC2), which underpins the rationality of the logo, reinforced by the bridge that the "E" builds with the "G": this bridge, precisely a π, is a hyphen giving solidity to the spirit of the group and to the adhesion of the companies

This "E", a priori unstructured but in reality precisely architected and the cornerstone of the logo, gives stability, firmly sets the GES, between the two letters "G" and "S", much more rounded, negotiating, like a table and chairs that surround it: stability in a complex and moving ecosystem.


The font chosen (Gotham) is modern and has a sense of movement, which accentuates the fluidity and even elegance of the logo, which is naturally imposed by its balanced and restrained character. It gives desire and confidence.

The logo's two-tone colour scheme goes in the same direction, of stability andopenness: to the black of the explicit and institutional writing, is added the "duck blue" of the acronym, sober, not often used in the logos of security companies. Because of the variety of tones that go into the composition of the "duck blue", it needs to be looked at and scrutinized more closely to better identify it, which is a sign of strength of the logo.


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