Lyonbiopôle: Redesign of 3 biotech websites

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Presentation of the client

Autour de l'Image worked with Lyonbiopôle, a competitiveness cluster and catalyst for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes healthcare innovation ecosystem, to redesign its website, extranet and job board. This large-scale project took six months to complete, and its objectives were to modernize the design of the previous sites, simplify navigation and find a way to promote their member companies by creating content reserved for members.

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One of the major challenges of this project was to redesign three projects in one: the website, the extranet and the job board. As each project had its own specificities, it was important to have unity in terms of design, but uniqueness in terms of operation, while creating bridges between the different sites. This meant creating three different specifications, three different schedules and three different wireframes.

Another major challenge concerned the sections reserved for member companies. A great deal of work was carried out in collaboration with the Lyonbiopôle team to determine the content reserved for members and how to generate both acquisition, by engaging companies to become members, and inviting existing members to update their profiles.


A great deal of work went into preparing the projects in advance, both in terms of schedules and specifications, and in terms of models. The aim was to interweave the development of the three projects over a six-month period. For Lyonbiopôle, it was also necessary to determine which important content would be included on the new sites, and which needed to be streamlined. This two-pronged approach, carried out upstream of the development phase, led to the creation of an up-to-date, uncluttered design that could be easily adapted to the three sites, and the implementation of an intuitive architecture and navigation system that made it easy to move from one site to another.

Regarding the parts reserved for member companies, the sites have been designed in such a way that certain specifically selected content requires a connection to the member profile, inviting members to update their profile or to create one for non-members.

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6 months after the launch of the 3 sites, the numbers are starting to speak for themselves:

  • Significant drop in unsolicited visitor volumes, due to the fact that we have removed all obsolete content, some dating back to 2010.
  • The number of sessions per user increased by +30%.
  • Site engagement has risen sharply, with average connection times doubling.
  • The number of page views per session increased by +44%.
  • The bounce rate dropped -95% to 2.27%, confirming that Lyonbiopôle is totally focused on its target audience and offers engaging, high-quality content.


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