Acting for a sustainable and responsible future

At Autour de l'Image, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a marketing concept, but a real philosophy of life that guides our actions on a daily basis. Beyond a façade of commitment, we are convinced that the company has a crucial role to play in building a sustainable and responsible future.

That's why we're committed to:

  • Integrate social, environmental and economic issues into all our activities.
  • Promote sustainable and responsible practices within our agency.
  • To contribute positively to the local communities in which we operate.

Find out more about our concrete commitments and how we translate this philosophy into concrete actions for a more responsible future.

Accountability and transparency

We have a culture of writing. Whether it's with our clients or employees, we prefer written channels (Asana, Slack, reporting) to share information. We capitalize on transparency to build trust with both our customers and our employees.
As far as our employees are concerned, our Eurecia HRIS allows us to share all of the agency's strategic information and our charter of fundamental principles. For customers, using the Asana platform allows them to work with complete transparency and trust.

Ethical Behavior

An effective relationship must be built on simplicity, benevolence, availability, listening, open-mindedness... and good humour ! We are very committed to developing a relationship of trust with our customers and employees. We call this "speaking the truth and speaking the simple"

Respect for stakeholders' interests

We do not operate according to the standard customer/supplier/employee scheme, but lead an ecosystem of partners where our stakeholders meet. We are convinced that defending and preserving the interests of our partners is a guarantee of growth for our agency.

Respect for the principle of legality

We have established righteousness as the fundamental principle of our agency. Being very committed to respecting the law saves us from long discussions and conflicts. Respect for this fundamental principle is binding on us and our partners.

Compliance with international standards of behaviour

Our compliance with standards of behaviour is based on 3 pillars:
The values that our parents passed on to us as a strong foundation, French law and European standards.

Respect for human rights

The individual, whether a woman or a man, is the guarantor of the added value of our agency. Every day, we ensure the respect, well-being and benevolence of each of our partners.

Our commitment to the environment

We have been organizing our agency around teleworking for more than 15 years. This allows our employees to flourish both in their professional and private lives.
This method of organization also allows us to drastically reduce our carbon footprint by limiting our travel as much as possible.
We believe in a minimalist approach to processes : the best/more is the enemy of the good. We strive to provide simple and reasoned answers to our customers' expectations. This minimalist approach helps to meet the needs in terms of eco-design of our projects.

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