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Why is it important to work on your visual identity


The human brain naturally retains visuals more easily than text. Having a logo, a visual identity, facilitates the memorization of your brand by your prospects and customers.


The importance of visual identity for the company


93% of Internet users do a search on Google before committing to a purchase process. Being quickly and durably identifiable has become a sine qua non condition to develop the visibility and notoriety of the company in its sectors of activity.


For many companies, the logo, where it exists, has been created on a corner of a table, arguing that it is the quality of the product or service that should take precedence. For a long time, the quality of the design of the visual identity was not taken into account, convinced that communication is accessory for many companies, especially for SMEs.


Today, digital marketing is essential for the development of a business and its brand image. Internet users surf on social networks and are exposed to brands. Not having a visual identity or worse having an identity that is not in line with the image one wishes to send, can contribute to a loss of earnings in terms of business development.


Define its brand platform and graphic universe


A visual identity must tell a story, the story of your brand. A buyer, whether in b2b or b2c, does not just buy a product or a service, but a whole set that makes up the values of the brand. It is the translation of your marketing strategy.


It is essential to Formalize the vision of its companyIt is also a place where the company's values, the missions it sets itself, the ambitions it has set itself and the values it upholds. All of these elements contribute to the creation of a brand platform.


The logo and visual identity more generally are the translation of these values. If your logo boils down to a name entered on Word and put in colour, you deprive your company of this powerful tool for your communication strategy.


The basic rules to follow to create your visual identity


A logo must correspond to the company for which it is created. You don't create an identity in 10 minutes, on the pretext that you need to give your brand a visual.


The first step in establishing an identity is to write a creative brief that builds on the values carried by the brand. It must take into account the personality of the company, its history, its positioning and, of course, the target to which it is destined.


It is necessary to define whether the identity should have a masculine or feminine dominance, whether its design should be geometric or more rounded, its degree of modernity, will there be a visual element or should typography be favoured?


Once the brief has been decided, it's time to start the creative research phase. At Autour de l'Image, we use international creative platforms and solicit creative people from all over the world. This allows us to explore avenues that would not have been possible if we had limited ourselves to our environment and our team.


The creative research allows us to determine a short list of creations which will be studied in depth.


In this second stage, we focus our attention on the details, in order to offer our clients the most accomplished creations possible.


Finally come the phases of choice, finalization and standardization of the logo, for use both in print and on the web.


The importance of brand signature


A name and a visual do not always convey complete information about your brand and your field of activity. The creation of a brand signature allows you to reinforce your visual identity and establish your notoriety precisely in the market you are targeting.


The signature is a slogan that characterizes your brand. It brings clarity to your missions and the values you stand for.


Formalize the visual identity in a graphic charter


A visual identity is more than just a logo. It is essential to define the framework for its use, the rules to be respected, the colour codes to be used, the graphic elements, as well as the typography.


The graphic charter allows you to define the rules for using your logo, as well as the templates to be used for stationery (business cards, letterheads), commercial presentations, corporate visuals, etc.


The graphic charter makes it possible to record theevolution of the visual identity over time, so that each of the company's actors uses the same communication tools and carries the same company values.


The range of communication media (stationery, press announcements, commercial presentations, etc.).


A graphic chartersaves time and money for your graphic creations. As soon as a clear framework has been defined, your communication supports will naturally be consistent.


The graphic designers will have a clear framework for creating your various communication supports. Each of them will be consistent with all the media distributed and will participate in the dissemination of astrong visual identity and a quick identification by your targets.


This will be particularly the case for the webdesign when creating websites. Based on your graphic identity, it will enhance your brand identity.


Beyond the messages broadcast, it is important that a person exposed to it can quickly associate it with your brand. A logo is a strategic element for your communication. Do not hesitate to call upon a communication agency to create it. Time will show you that the money has been well invested.


About the author

Philippe Rigault

Philippe Rigault is the founding President of the agency Autour de l'Image. He assists clients in the development and animation of their communication strategy, combining advice, creativity, mentoring and common sense. Autour de l'Image is a global communication agency that simplifies the life of entrepreneurs. It brings together all the communication and marketing skills needed to develop sales and brand awareness.

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